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Areas that require regular maintenance are:

· Taps (‘O’ rings, jumper valves)
· Toilet Systems (perishable rubbers, leaking)
· Hot water units (release relief valve every 6 months
· Guttering and Downpipes (regularly clean leaves)
· Water Filtration Units (change filters every 6 months)
· Waste disposal units (flush regularly)
· Stormwater pipes (slow discharge indicating blockage)
· Sewer Pipes (slow toilet flush indicating blockage)

Tips and FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions:

· High Water bills - leaking taps, pipes or toilets
· Foul odour from bathroom - trap requires flushing
· Low water pressure showerhead - blocked water saver
· Slow drainage - blocked pipes
· Whistling sound in pipes - new jumper valves required
· Banging pipes - re-saddle of pipes or replace jumper valves